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(Atlanta) K-ARTS FEST /박신자 수묵화 전시회 10-10 3:00 PM

       * 박신자 수묵화 전시회에 초대 합니다.

한국의 저명한 수묵산수 화가 토메 박신자 선생의 작품을 애틀랜타에서 선보이게 됨을 기쁘게 생각합니다.

  토메 박신자 화백은 40 년간 산수화 와 사군자를 비롯한 전통 수묵화 의 세계 의 매진 하여 오신 분으로써 
그의 작품 세계는 한국의 아름다운 자연을 빼어난 필치로써 표현하여 한국 고유의 정서를 격조있게 도려낸 멋진 화풍을 지니고, 있습니다.

특히 이번 전시는 품격 높은 한국화 의 아름다움을 통하여 애틀랜타 한인들과 2세들에게 한국적 정체성과 자긍심을 길이 각인 시켜줄 기회가 될 것으로 확신합니다 바쁘시더라도 부디 오셔서 우수한 우리의 예술과 문화의 아름다움에 젖어 보시는 향수 의 자리가 되었으면 합니다. 

* 토메 박 신자화백 "수묵화" 전시회.




            (주소: 3330 Chestnut Dr, Doraville, GA 30340)

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  Concert Information  
   Piano - Chun Mi Sun
Piano - Chun Mi Sun Born in South Korea, pianist Misun Chun received a Bachelor of Music degree from Seoul National University in Korea and a Master of Music degree from the Cleveland Institute of Music. After her doctoral study at the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, Ms. Chun has joined Georgia Christian University as an Assistant Professor of Piano since 2012. Ms. Chun has been an award winner in the both concerto and chambe…
   Helen Yu Park - Mezzo
Helen Yu Park - Mezzo Soprano “…the artist of the evening was Helen Yu, a debut mezzo from Korea via Toronto, who looked like a little girl but effortlessly generated the largest sounds on stage. The mezzo drought may be ending.” “…But toward the close of act one, something wonderful happens…Helen Yu, a Korean-born mezzo-soprano with a rich, smoky voice. In her single song, Yu brings to the show the emotional focus and captivating mus…
   Piano - Gary Menzies
Piano - Gary Menzies Bibliographical Sketch Of Gary Charles Menzies An accomplished pianist, Gary Menzies has fulfilled both solo and accompanist roles for over twenty-five years. He has performed in a wide variety of capacities ranging from studio recordings to parades, from television appearances to sold-out concert halls. He has studied under Jeanie Morrison, Ruth McDonald, and Aida Tedde…
   11/1/2015 - Fall Open Music Concert for Peace & Ha..
Background History Now in its 11th year, the non-profit Min Pak & Atlanta philharmonic Inc was established in 2004 by Min H. Pak, the principal of the Atlanta Conservatory of Music, serves to encourage, develop and facilitate an enriched environment of artistic, creative and cultural activity in metro Atlanta. The Atlanta Conservatory of Music was established in 1993 ad organized the Atlanta Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. …
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Concert Information
“꽃피는 산골 울긋불긋 꽃대궐… 그 속에서 놀던 때가 그립습니다”
우리 가곡 선율에 코로나 시름 날린다
우리 가곡 선율에 코로나 시름 날린다
Thank you for your support !!
* 토메 박 신자화백 "수묵화" 전시회 K-Arts fest: Korean Traditional Fine Art Exhibition*
HAPPY New YEAR! 2020❤️
Nicholas E. Wheeeler compositin Recital 2019
K-Opera "Spring Spring"
마당극 오페라봄봄"
2019 K-Opera "Spring Spring"
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Piano Gary Manzies & Dr Andrew Edwards ~Guest Conductor